Chronicle of the brass ensemble

Our ensemble in 2007

The brass ensemble was founded in 1996 by Ulrich Meiss, a music teacher of the Modellschule Obersberg. The first concert followed very soon in a little church of Bad Hersfeld in 1996.

Motivated by our first success, we took part in the competition “Schulen musizieren”, which took place in February 1997 near our hometown Bad Hersfeld. Due to good scheduling and high motivation we qualified for the second step, a contest in Wiesbaden in April 1997. There we gave a convincing performance and got the highest distinction a German school ensemble can get: the invitation to participate in the contest “Schulen musizieren” as the only representative of the federal state of Hessen. Accepting the invitation, we went to Ingolstadt in Bavaria to give several concerts and to produce a CD together with other German school ensembles.

But Ingolstadt was to be just the beginning of extensive traveling. Apart from visiting other German destinations like Wuppertal or Kempen, we traveled all around the world. Most of our journeys took place in the form of exchange programs with musical groups: France, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, India, Bulgaria, Australia, China and finally Mexico. Due to our close contacts to the partner groups (we mostly stayed in host families), we had the best opportunity to learn a lot about our host countries and their culture. Furthermore, most of the concert trips were combined with return visits of the partner bands. As a result of this work, our school achieved the second place in the nationwide contest “Musik gewinnt!” in Cologne in 2004.

The main focus of our work is the numerous concerts we perform in and around Bad Hersfeld every year and CD-productions, concerts on radio and TV. In future we want to pursue these concepts and furthermore extend our exchange with foreign ensembles. That is why we are very interested in new contacts with musical groups all over the world.

Our ensemble consists of about 30 musicians, most of them students between the ages of twelve and nineteen years. Because of the continuing commitment of many musicians who left school years ago, we have been able to continue our work for several years. This has contributed to our multifaceted repertoire: besides chorales and folk songs, we mostly play modern pop and jazz songs.


Bad Hersfeld

Bad Hersfeld is the county seat of Hersfeld-Rotenburg. About 30.000 people live in Bad Hersfeld which is located in Hessen, 150 km north of Frankfurt. Because of the central location, the city has become the favoured location of logistic companies.

Above all, Bad Hersfeld is known for its theatre plays, which take place in the Stiftsruine every year. The Stiftsruine is considered the biggest Romanesque church ruin of Europe and is also the most known building of the city.

The town hall of Bad Hersfeld

Modellschule Obersberg

The Modellschule Obersberg was founded in 1973 and is attended by 1500 students today. It comprises grades 11 to 13 (A-Level-Education) as well as a vocational branch and excels in such fields as music, business, theatre, sports and science.

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